My first day of Crossfit was yesterday.  Now that I’ve had time to relax, rest, and reflect on it, I’m ready to sit down and organize my thoughts.

1.  This stuff is AWESOME!

I had such a great time yesterday.  The people were all incredibly nice and encouraging.  The workout was tough, but do-able.  And just the fact that I was working out with other people pushed me to work harder than I would on my own.

2.  DOMS is a bitch.

When I went home, I immediately jumped in the shower and when I went to wash my hair, I realized my arms were already incredibly tired (our workout included lots of pull ups and kettlebell swings).  But later last night… Oh my.  I was still able to brush my teeth and take out my contacts to go to bed, but it was definitely an effort.  Today I’m feeling pretty good.

3.  Getting up early is really quite nice!

Don’t tell my dad I said that.  But I loved getting home from my class and realizing that even though I had already been awake for three and a half hours, it was still before the time that I would have gotten up on my own (I get lazy in the summer).

It’s only been one day so far, but I’m already in love with Crossfit.  I can’t wait for my next workout!  Just the act of getting up early and getting a good workout in has caused me to be more focused with my other workouts, and my nutrition.  My runs yesterday and this morning were really good.  I also ate well yesterday, and felt great because of it.  I have a tendency to snack mindlessly when I get bored, and when I’m making such an effort to train, I’m much more aware of that habit.

So now that the day is young and my workouts are already done (ahhh… the joy of morning workouts…), I’m going to go enjoy a lovely summer day.

Also, I think all of this is making me perkier, no?