Every morning when you wake up you make a choice.  What kind of day will today be?  Will I get my workouts in like I planned?  Will I do my work that I need to do?  Will I eat well and choose foods that are nutritious and good for me?

Or… will I sit on my butt all day and watch TV and eat junk?

This whole week, I made great choices.  I got all my workouts in, I’m absolutely LOVING crossfit, I ate really well, made great progress on a huge house project, and I walked the dogs every day – sometimes more than once.  I was feeling great.

At crossfit on Friday, we did a squat ladder – you start with one squat in the first minute, two the second, three the third, and so on.  You go until you run out of time in the minute and can’t fit any more squats in.  I made it to 28 minutes.  I could have done more, but since it was my first time, I wasn’t using any weight on my bar, so I never maxed out.  Next time I’ll use some more weight.

When I got home, being the nerd I am, I added it up to see how many squats I did total…

four hundred and six.

Yep, you read that right.  Four hundred and six squats.

Yowza.  I knew I would be feeling that on Saturday.

The next morning, when I woke up, I rolled over and immediately felt those squats exacting their revenge.  I could barely walk all day.  I hobbled around downtown with Chelsea for a while and must have looked like a nut.

So Saturday was a lost cause for my long run.  There was no way that was going to happen.  Unfortunately, when I have a workout that gets tossed, I tend to make bad choices for the rest of the day.  So Saturday was spent hobbling around, sitting on the couch, and eating really junky food.  Lots of it.  Bad choice #1.

Sunday, yet again, I woke up and my legs argued with me.  Things were slightly better than Saturday, but still not looking good for my long run.  So yet again, I spent my time being pretty sedentary, and eating poorly.  Bad choice #2.

Today, my legs were not quite good again, but getting much closer.  However, my bad choices continued throughout the day, and I ate lots of junky foods, and spent the day angry with myself for all the excuses I had made over the last two and a half days.

So today, it was raining ALLLLL day and ALLLLL night, and I was sitting on the couch getting madder and madder at myself for not doing my 14 miler and making excuses yet AGAIN.  At 5:30 tonight, I was so irritated with myself that I grabbed my stuff and said “screw it” and headed out the door in the pouring rain for my 14 miler.

I ended up running 14 miles, by myself, in the pouring rain, with no ipod, and giving myself a new PR.

My 13.1 split was 2:05 (so close to a 2:00 half!!!), and my average pace for the whole 14 miles was 9:38/mile.  I used to be consistently in the 10’s for my long runs, and I’ve been comfortable at 9:45/mile for 6-ish milers for a while now, but I haven’t done a long run with that speed, ever.

Even though my quads were still really sore and tired, I felt strong and really great.  My neighborhood is insanely hilly, and I just powered up those suckers like they weren’t even there.  I don’t know where that strength came from!  It’s awesome to see all the hard work (running with people who are faster than me, biking a lot, eating better, and crossfit) paying off.

So now the “bad choice demons” are extinguished for the night.  I’m proud and feeling good.  I counteracted those not-so-good decisions by making one really good one, and that’s what I need to do to break the cycle and get back on track.  I find that when I start to get frustrated, things just keep going downhill, and I have a heck of a time getting back on track.  But for me, that’s the way to do it.