On September 9th, one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley, had a terrible bike crash.  It was a regular ride on a regular day, and there just happen to be some gravel on the shoulder of the road.  She hit the gravel going downhill at 25(ish) mph, and wiped out.  fortunately, a stranger found her and called 911.  She ended up in the hospital with a broken pelvis (in three places), concussion, and severe road rash.

Ashley has always inspired me to try my hardest and push myself to be better.  I have admired her hard work and dedication to her sports (triathlons, distance running, and yoga), and have tried (sometimes unsuccessfully) to mirror that in my training.

It has been absolutely amazing to read about her recovery.  She’s making huge (metaphorical) strides every day, and even in the face of a massive injury and many long months of recovery, she is still an inspiration – perhaps even more so than before.

Next week I’ll be running my third marathon – the Adirondack Marathon at Schroon Lake, NY.  I’ll be running this one for Ashley and all the inspiration she has given people through her blog.  She has a long road in front of her, but I have no doubt that she will recover and end up even stronger than before.

Donations for Ashley and her medical expenses can be made here.