I feel like many bloggers have a dirty little secret that really isn’t a secret – nobody’s perfect.  But it’s hard to put yourself out there and shine a light on your shortcomings.  That’s not something you really want to draw attention to.  But really, those imperfections are the things that I struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

I have some really terrible eating habits.  Not to mention, a huge sweet tooth and peanut butter addiction.  When my husband is out of town, I often eat copious amounts of cookie dough rather than making a real dinner.  I seem to go through phases where I get really into cooking, and then I burn out and don’t cook much for several weeks.  Good thing I don’t have any kids and my husband knows how to fend for himself in the kitchen.  Now if only I could get him to cook a meal for us once in a while…

I have grown to love my body as it is, however, that doesn’t stop me from looking in the mirror and sometimes thinking about how I would look and feel 10 pounds lighter (okay, if we’re being honest, 18).  I’m a perfectly healthy weight for my height, but I’m at the upper end of a healthy weight, and could be in much better shape than I really am.  I know this.  But it’s a matter of “happy” weight versus “ideal” weight.  I can maintain my current weight with little to no effort.  This is my body’s “happy” weight.  Could I work harder and be in better shape?  Sure.  But the question is how much harder do I want to work and what am I willing to give up along the way?

Also, I love sleep.  Given the choice of an extra 30 minutes of sleep, or waking up early and getting my workout in, I choose sleep.

I’m not perfect.  Nobody is.  But what makes me stronger is how I choose to tackle those challenges.  Some days I do a better job than others.  I’m still learning what works and doesn’t work for me.  I’m still trying new ways to challenge and motivate myself.  Some things that I try are a success, and some are a complete and total failure.  But I’ll never know unless I try, right?  Heck, the whole reason I started this blog in the first place was to keep track of my thoughts and actions as I trained for my first marathon.  And now here I am, a year and a half down the road, four marathons trained for, two completed (stupid injuries and illness…), and just about to begin training for the next round of marathons (I’ve got a couple planned for 2012).  I’ve come a long way in that year and a half.  But I still have a long way to go in search of what works best for me.  So I’ll keep on trying things.  Some will work, and some won’t.  And in the end, I’ll be a better athlete because of it.