I’m so excited, I had to share.

One of my favorite blogs, No Meat Athlete, is putting together a training and support group for the 2012 DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (and half marathon).  I was already registered for the marathon and I signed up for the training group as soon as I could.  It’s going to be great to meet other veggie athletes and have others to talk to during training.  Having that support group is really something that can’t be matched when I’m training by myself.  I can’t wait to meet Matt and Susan and all the other great veggie athletes who will be participating!  This is a great chance to support others and be supported through the journey to my next marathon, and a chance to make some great friends along the way.

So training is beginning.  I’ll keep you updated!

And now, on a less healthy note, I’m off to the kitchen to get back to baking hundreds of Christmas cookies for work.