Hooray!  Winter break is here!

I teach, and our last class was yesterday.  So now I’m off (kind of) until late January.  I’ll still be going into work almost every day (lots of prep to do for spring), but there’s no classes and it’s much less structured.  So this is the perfect time to really dive into training for DC.  There’s 14 weeks of training until the race, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I haven’t run much since my big illness-induced bonk at the Adirondack Marathon in September.  There’s been a few runs here and there, but house projects and work have taken a front seat this fall, and running got pushed to the back.  So my conditioning isn’t quite where it should be, but I find that it comes back fairly quickly once I get into a routine.  But those first several runs are HARD.  On Monday I did 5.5 miles on the treadmill and my legs felt so heavy, but I just need to push through it.  It just takes a little while to get things feeling good again.  The plan is a 6 miler today and an 8 tomorrow.  I’m sure my legs won’t like that, but they’ll manage.

I really want to train well and hard this time around.  My family will be in DC to cheer me on and I’d like to have a good race and make them proud.  Plus, since this will be my third marathon (should have been my fifth – stupid illness/injury), I’ve already done the rookie mistakes – now it’s time to learn from them.