I’m a little crazy, and that’s okay.

I know it’s very unorthodox, but today I signed up for my first Ironman triathlon.

On September 23, 2012, I’ll be racing the HITS Cooperstown full Ironman triathlon.

I have a couple marathons under my belt, so I’m comfortable with that part of it.  And I have nine months to work on my swimming and biking – neither of which is really that bad, but I need work for sure.  I’ll also be doing several shorter (olympic and half iron) tris in the spring and summer to practice my transitions.  I’ll also be working with the local tri club and figuring out strategy (fueling, pacing, etc.).

I know there are people who would disagree with this plan, and I know it’s not typical, and that’s okay.  I like to go big and set my sights high.  I like to be a little scared of the event that I’m working toward, because it makes me work harder.  If I just signed up for another marathon or a shorter tri with nothing large looming, I wouldn’t train hard or push myself.

So instead I reach for the stars.

I have a 20 week training plan, and the race is 41 weeks away as of today (Sunday).  I like to give myself a few extra weeks of cushioning in a training plan, so I’ll start the official one with 25 weeks to go.  So that gives me until April 1st to improve my swimming and biking technique and improve my base.  When it comes to the running, it’s about strategy, pacing, and fueling.  But my base is good there.

So I know some people (most, probably) will give me the side-eye, but that’s okay.  I like to do things a little different.  I’ve always been just a tad weird.  Why stop now?  🙂