Since this has been such a popular post over the last couple years, I wanted to revisit it.  And guess what?

I found an even BETTER way to make this DIY workout headband!

Step 1: Measure your head to determine the length of your headband.

Step 2: Cut a 3″ piece of elastic.

Step 3: Cut your ribbon to 3″ LESS than what you measured for your total headband length.

Step 4: Cut your velvet into a strip that is 1″ wider and 1″ longer than your ribbon

Step 5: Fold the velvet in half lengthwise (RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER) and sew the long edge closed.

Step 6: Turn the velvet right side out.  Fold the raw ends in.  By now, the velvet tube should be just slightly shorter than the ribbon.

Step 7: Pin the velvet to the back of the ribbon with one end of the elastic in between the ribbon and the velvet.  The other end of the elastic should be free.  Make sure the elastic and velvet are centered on the ribbon.  When you pin the velvet to the ribbon, center the long seam along the side of the velvet that won’t be showing.  Fold the raw edges of the ribbon under when you pin.

Step 8: When you get to the end, insert the free end of the elastic between the ribbon and velvet and pin in place.

Step 9: Starting at one end, sew the velvet to the ribbon.  Make sure you sew as straight as possible and a consistent distance away from the edge of the ribbon (the stitches will show on the right side of the ribbon).  Sew all the way around the velvet (make a rectangle).

Step 10: Trim the threads and enjoy!