Hooray!  I can breathe normally again!

This whole past week was a wash.  I was sick for several days and it was just about all I could do to drag myself to work and then home again.  I even ended up going home sick on Thursday because I could barely stand upright without getting dizzy.  It was bizarre.

But I’m feeling much better today!

Tonight I figured since I could breathe again and the room was no longer spinning, I would head down to the treadmill and just run whatever felt alright.  I ended up doing a nice 8 mile run.  I could easily have gone longer except that my hip was getting tight, so I foam rolled instead while the dogs tried to climb all over me and lick me.

So now that I’m all recovered, the plan for this week is:

  • Monday – Swim 2000 yards, bike 30 miles
  • Tuesday – Swim 2000 yards, run 6 miles
  • Wednesday – Bike 30 miles, run 6 miles (possibly a brick workout)
  • Thursday – Swim 2000 yards, run 6 miles
  • Friday – REST DAY
  • Saturday – Swim 2500 yards, run 16 miles
  • Sunday – Bike 40 miles (heart rate zone 1 – active recovery ride)

I may decrease the distances for the bike – I’ll have to see how long they’re taking.  I don’t mind being on the trainer for a while, but for a zone 2 ride, I usually end up doing just over 15 mph.  So it might be a bit much to have a two hour trainer ride after work during the week.

Looking forward to a healthy week of training!  I’m feeling good about the upcoming marathon.  I’ve been doing well with my training, so hopefully race day will go well too.  You really never know.