NOT a stress fracture!  Hooray!

Apparently I’m getting pretty good at self-diagnosing.  I went to my (awesome) orthopedist this morning and it turns out to indeed be peroneal tendonitis.

So it’s just a few more days of rest and then just go with the flow.  No restrictions.  Just do what I need to do and back off if it hurts.  Thank goodness!

My guess is that I aggravated it somewhere in the first half of the race when things were crowded.  I stayed on the outside of the road so that I could pop around people pretty easily and there were just a couple times that I had to hop up in the curb to do this.  When I hopped up on the curb, I probably rolled my foot just a bit too much and got things irritated, and then continuing to run just made it more and more inflamed as I went.

Oh well.  Live and learn.

However, now that I know it’s okay, I’m thinking maybe another Buffalo Marathon is in store for May… It would be nice to get another one in this year…