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My recap for this week will be short and sweet.  I knew going into this week that things were kind of up in the air since I was having a (very, very minor) medical procedure done that could potentially put me out of commission for a few days.  Not a big deal, just uncomfortable for a few days.  But I plan ahead for these type of things and build an extra five weeks into my training plan.

As anticipated, I spent a few days laying on the couch, feeling generally icky.  So I just went with the flow this week and did whatever I felt up to.  It ended up going something like this:

  • Monday through Wednesday – Resting
  • Thursday – Feeling much better, and knowing that the week was a wash, I decided to try out my long swim and it felt GREAT!  The training plan said “mental toughness day” but I never really hit any snags in this one, which was a pleasant surprise.  I did 6 sets of 500 yards each (10 laps), alternating with an RPE (perceived exertion) of 3 (recovery) and then RPE 5 (harder, but not all out).  I felt awesome!  Usually I fade towards the end, but in this workout I felt stronger as I went on.  Progress!
  • Friday and Saturday were also rest days since I knew the week was a wash anyway.  I did a TON of house projects though, so things were plenty busy.
  • Sunday – 10 mile run at 9:35/mile with a friend from our agility class.  It was nice running with her!  the hills in the first 6 miles or so were killer, but it was good to be running with someone else – that always motivates me not to slow down or give up.  Didn’t you know?  Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing.

So this coming week will be back to the training plan.  Here’s the detailed pdf for this week.

I hope everyone had an excellent week!

This is totally unrelated to training, but I’m sitting here on this rainy night with the windows open just listening to the birds and frogs and the rain, and loving every second of it.

What a great night!

Week #2 of ironman training has come and gone!  Things went well this week!

How it all went down:

  • Monday
    • Rest day
  • Tuesday
    • Swim (long day)
      • Warmup: 6 x 100 – concentrating on form
      • Main: 4 x 500 – even pace
      • Cool down: 2 x 150 pull
      • This was a great swim!  I felt really strong and was having secret “races” with the people around me – in which I was smoking them!  🙂
  • Wednesday
    • Bike – 60 minutes on the trainer, even effort, felt good
  • Thursday
    • Run – 45 min
      • 10 minute warmup and then 20 seconds of strides every 5 minutes
      • Took Rocket (our border collie) out on this run and we both had a great time.  Legs felt good and the time flew by.
  • Friday
    • Swim (race specific)
      • Warmup: 4 x 50 continuous
      • Main: 2 x 1000 – I cut the second one down to a 500 because my arms were totally dead, but I did have some really nice laps mixed in where everything was just clicking.
      • Cool down: 250 easy
  • Saturday
    • Swim (speed day):
      • Warmup: 300 continuous
      • Main: 10 x 100 descending (speeding up) 1 – 5 and 6 – 10
      • Cool down: 200 continuous (alternate 50 kick, 50 swim)
      • This swim kicked my butt!  I had to split sets 4 and 5 into 50’s instead of 100’s, but I got it done.  I think I started out too fast and by the time I got to the 4th and 5th sets, I was already maxed out.  Live and learn!
    • Bike
      • 55 minutes on the trainer
      • Warmup: 10 minutes, easy effort
      • Main: 4 x 8 minutes moderate effort, 2 minutes recovery
      • Cool down: 5 minutes easy recovery
      • This bike also kicked my butt!  I went out too hard on the first rep, and had to take a quick break at about 25 minutes to let my legs recover.  But I finished it all and finished it fairly strong.  Again, live and learn.  I need to figure out what my “easy,” “moderate,” and “hard” efforts really are.
    • Run – 45 minutes easy
  • Sunday
    • Bike – 90 minutes (didn’t realize until after that it was supposed to be 120 minutes – dang!)  Took my bike out on the local bike trail to conquer some hills (yeowch) and enjoy the beautiful (but hot) day.
    • Run – 60 minutes (should have been 90) – Did this immediately after my bike today.  My legs felt sluggish to start (to be expected on a bike-run brick), but it got better as I went on.  It was getting quite hot near the end, so I stopped at 60 minutes.  My water was getting low and I was getting very, very warm.  I’m not used to this summer heat yet!

Overall, it was a good week!  I only had a few shortcomings, but I didn’t skip a single workout, which is awesome for me.  I’m proud of my work this week.  I’m making huge improvements every week in my swimming and biking, and I’m really looking forward to next week!

Alternate titles for this post:

  1. Why the heck is my town so hilly?
  2. I’m officially a cyclist!
  3. Everything is more difficult on a bike.

This was a great week!  I really enjoyed following a training plan again, as well as being a little afraid of what I’m training for.  It makes a big difference!

So here’s the breakdown for the week:

  • Monday
    • My first spin class!  Lots of fun!
  • Tuesday
    • Rest
  • Wednesday
    • Swam 2500 yards (long swim for the week)
  • Thursday
    • 25 minute run – Just felt generally crappy, tired, sore feet
  • Friday
    • Swam 1650 yards (speed workout)
    • 1 hour bike
    • 45 minute run
  • Saturday
    • 30 minute run – very sore feet, thinking it might be time for new shoes?
  • Sunday (long day!)
    • 90 minute bike (20.19 miles total) followed immediately by…
    • 90 minute run (8.4 miles at 9:53 pace – wow!)

On my ride today I tried to focus on pulling up on the pedals and not just pushing down.  It makes SUCH a huge difference.  I also tried to pay attention to my posture and not hunch my shoulders since that really starts to hurt after a while.

I also tried to get used to doing things on the bike like drinking, eating, getting in and out of aero position, as well as cornering in aero.  Things went really well!  It’s not easy to eat on the bike, but I managed.  I just need to keep practicing.

Also on my bike today, I became an official cyclist!  I’ve been doing really well getting in and out of my clipless pedals, but today, I finally had my clipless wipeout that happens to everyone at some point.  I was at a dead stop, waiting to cross the road, standing still with one foot unclipped and on the ground.  I tried to swing my bike around just a little bit to make it easier to cross, and ended up leaning a bit too much to the right (still clipped in), and toppled over in slow motion – all the while thinking “Oh!  Oh!  There I go!”

And there was nothing I could do about it but sit there on the side of the road and laugh.

So my first week of ironman training is behind me, and I think it went really well!  I’m proud of what I did this week and I’m looking forward to the next one.

The plan for this coming week is…

  • Monday
    • Run: 45 minutes easy
    • Swim: long day
      • Warmup: 6 x 100
      • Main: 4 x 500 even pace
      • Cool: 2 x 150 pull
  • Tuesday
    • Run 45 minutes easy
    • Bike: 60 minutes easy
  • Wednesday
    • Swim: race specific
      • Warmup: 4 x 50
      • Main: 2 x 1000 increasing intensity
      • Cool: 250 easy
  • Thursday
    • Run: 90 minute long run
  • Friday
    • Swim: speed day
      • Warmup: 300 continuous
      • Main: 10 x 100, descend 1-5 and 5-10 (does anybody know what that means???)
      • Cool: 200 continuous, alternate 50 kick, 50 swim
    • Bike: 55 minutes on trainer
  • Saturday
    • Rest
  • Sunday
    • Bike: 90 minute long ride, trying to throw in some hills

Since work is more or less done for the semester (with a few exceptions), I should be able to follow this schedule pretty closely instead of shifting things around a lot like I had to do this week.  So that should help a lot too.

And now it’s time for bed.  I hope you had a good week!

Well today was just one big oops after another.

I had a 9:15am spin class.

I overslept and woke up 20 minutes before it was going to start.


Tonight, I got dressed and went over to the pool to swim.

They closed at 6pm.  It was well beyond that.


So I got on the treadmill to do my long run instead.

2.5 miles in my feet were KILLING me.  Just like the last 3 runs.

I think it’s time for new shoes.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better than today!

I’m so proud of myself today!

Today’s workouts:

  • Swim: speed day
    • Warmup: 400 continuous, every other lap is kick
    • Main set: 8 x 100 (easy, build, easy, hard)
    • Cool down: 6 x 75 (It was supposed to be 6 x 25, but I remembered it wrong.)
    • Total distance: 33 laps, or 1650 yards (.94 miles)
    • Total time: approximately 35 minutes
  • Bike: 60 minutes – half outside (it was a gorgeous day!), half on the trainer once it got dark.  Not pushing speed, just focusing on pulling up instead of only pushing down on the pedals.
  • Run: 45 minutes post-bike (brick).  Legs felt good!

Apparently I didn’t actually need to do the bike today.  I have my second spin class tomorrow morning, which I was originally going to sub in for that bike workout, but hey, an extra one won’t hurt!

So even though the beginning of the week started off a bit bumpy, I think I’m back into the swing of things.  It feels so satisfying to have my workout done.  When I put it off, I just feel terrible and grumpy all day because it hangs over me and I can’t enjoy anything.  Instead I’m just thinking “I should be doing _____ instead.”

The plan for tomorrow:

  • AM spin class just for fun
  • Swim
    • Warmup: 4 x 75 (that must be where the 75 came from in my head today)
    • Main set: 3 x 400 increasing intensity
    • Cool down: 150 easy
  • 90 min long run

Then it’s time for some house projects!

Tonight I did my first long swim in my ironman training plan.  I was definitely a little nervous, but I got my butt in the pool and knocked it out without a problem.  What a great surprise!

All distances are in yards.  I swim in a 25 yard pool so one lap (down and back) is 50 yards:

  • Warmup: 200 swim, 200 kick (uugh!), 200 pull (so awkward with that float thing), 200 swim
  • Main set: 1 x 1500 (30 laps)
  • Cool down: 4 x 50, each slower than the last
  • Total distance: 2500 yards (50 laps, or 1.42 miles)
  • Total time: about 1 hour (surprisingly less than I expected)

Honestly, I think the worst part was that stupid 200 kick!  My hips/quads were exhausted!

I’m a big believer in mind games.  So instead of counting 30 laps, I broke it up into 6 (continuous) sets of 5 laps.  I did this for two reasons:

  1. It seems shorter that way
  2. It’s a hell of a lot easier to count 🙂

Nevertheless, I did lose count a few times.  Whenever this happens, I always assume I’m on the lower number, because a few extra laps won’t kill me.  So I may have done up to four extra laps.  But hey, what’s an extra 200 yards?

I was surprised that I actually felt very strong at the end.  It was great!  I tried to pay attention to my form.  I am by no means a great swimmer.  I manage.  But I have a lot of improving to do.  My form is messy, but I’m working on it.

So things this week have been a bit out of order, since I was sick Sunday night, and had a spin class, and have had a few hectic days at work.  But now that the semester is over (yay!), my schedule is much more flexible and conducive to training.  So from here on out, I should be pretty good to follow things as written.  I’ll get all the workouts in this week, they’re just on different days than in the plan.  But they will all be in there.

It’s so nice to be training again!

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