I’m so proud of myself today!

Today’s workouts:

  • Swim: speed day
    • Warmup: 400 continuous, every other lap is kick
    • Main set: 8 x 100 (easy, build, easy, hard)
    • Cool down: 6 x 75 (It was supposed to be 6 x 25, but I remembered it wrong.)
    • Total distance: 33 laps, or 1650 yards (.94 miles)
    • Total time: approximately 35 minutes
  • Bike: 60 minutes – half outside (it was a gorgeous day!), half on the trainer once it got dark.  Not pushing speed, just focusing on pulling up instead of only pushing down on the pedals.
  • Run: 45 minutes post-bike (brick).  Legs felt good!

Apparently I didn’t actually need to do the bike today.  I have my second spin class tomorrow morning, which I was originally going to sub in for that bike workout, but hey, an extra one won’t hurt!

So even though the beginning of the week started off a bit bumpy, I think I’m back into the swing of things.  It feels so satisfying to have my workout done.  When I put it off, I just feel terrible and grumpy all day because it hangs over me and I can’t enjoy anything.  Instead I’m just thinking “I should be doing _____ instead.”

The plan for tomorrow:

  • AM spin class just for fun
  • Swim
    • Warmup: 4 x 75 (that must be where the 75 came from in my head today)
    • Main set: 3 x 400 increasing intensity
    • Cool down: 150 easy
  • 90 min long run

Then it’s time for some house projects!