Week #2 of ironman training has come and gone!  Things went well this week!

How it all went down:

  • Monday
    • Rest day
  • Tuesday
    • Swim (long day)
      • Warmup: 6 x 100 – concentrating on form
      • Main: 4 x 500 – even pace
      • Cool down: 2 x 150 pull
      • This was a great swim!  I felt really strong and was having secret “races” with the people around me – in which I was smoking them!  🙂
  • Wednesday
    • Bike – 60 minutes on the trainer, even effort, felt good
  • Thursday
    • Run – 45 min
      • 10 minute warmup and then 20 seconds of strides every 5 minutes
      • Took Rocket (our border collie) out on this run and we both had a great time.  Legs felt good and the time flew by.
  • Friday
    • Swim (race specific)
      • Warmup: 4 x 50 continuous
      • Main: 2 x 1000 – I cut the second one down to a 500 because my arms were totally dead, but I did have some really nice laps mixed in where everything was just clicking.
      • Cool down: 250 easy
  • Saturday
    • Swim (speed day):
      • Warmup: 300 continuous
      • Main: 10 x 100 descending (speeding up) 1 – 5 and 6 – 10
      • Cool down: 200 continuous (alternate 50 kick, 50 swim)
      • This swim kicked my butt!  I had to split sets 4 and 5 into 50’s instead of 100’s, but I got it done.  I think I started out too fast and by the time I got to the 4th and 5th sets, I was already maxed out.  Live and learn!
    • Bike
      • 55 minutes on the trainer
      • Warmup: 10 minutes, easy effort
      • Main: 4 x 8 minutes moderate effort, 2 minutes recovery
      • Cool down: 5 minutes easy recovery
      • This bike also kicked my butt!  I went out too hard on the first rep, and had to take a quick break at about 25 minutes to let my legs recover.  But I finished it all and finished it fairly strong.  Again, live and learn.  I need to figure out what my “easy,” “moderate,” and “hard” efforts really are.
    • Run – 45 minutes easy
  • Sunday
    • Bike – 90 minutes (didn’t realize until after that it was supposed to be 120 minutes – dang!)  Took my bike out on the local bike trail to conquer some hills (yeowch) and enjoy the beautiful (but hot) day.
    • Run – 60 minutes (should have been 90) – Did this immediately after my bike today.  My legs felt sluggish to start (to be expected on a bike-run brick), but it got better as I went on.  It was getting quite hot near the end, so I stopped at 60 minutes.  My water was getting low and I was getting very, very warm.  I’m not used to this summer heat yet!

Overall, it was a good week!  I only had a few shortcomings, but I didn’t skip a single workout, which is awesome for me.  I’m proud of my work this week.  I’m making huge improvements every week in my swimming and biking, and I’m really looking forward to next week!