My recap for this week will be short and sweet.  I knew going into this week that things were kind of up in the air since I was having a (very, very minor) medical procedure done that could potentially put me out of commission for a few days.  Not a big deal, just uncomfortable for a few days.  But I plan ahead for these type of things and build an extra five weeks into my training plan.

As anticipated, I spent a few days laying on the couch, feeling generally icky.  So I just went with the flow this week and did whatever I felt up to.  It ended up going something like this:

  • Monday through Wednesday – Resting
  • Thursday – Feeling much better, and knowing that the week was a wash, I decided to try out my long swim and it felt GREAT!  The training plan said “mental toughness day” but I never really hit any snags in this one, which was a pleasant surprise.  I did 6 sets of 500 yards each (10 laps), alternating with an RPE (perceived exertion) of 3 (recovery) and then RPE 5 (harder, but not all out).  I felt awesome!  Usually I fade towards the end, but in this workout I felt stronger as I went on.  Progress!
  • Friday and Saturday were also rest days since I knew the week was a wash anyway.  I did a TON of house projects though, so things were plenty busy.
  • Sunday – 10 mile run at 9:35/mile with a friend from our agility class.  It was nice running with her!  the hills in the first 6 miles or so were killer, but it was good to be running with someone else – that always motivates me not to slow down or give up.  Didn’t you know?  Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing.

So this coming week will be back to the training plan.  Here’s the detailed pdf for this week.

I hope everyone had an excellent week!