This week was a bike focused week, and it was great!  The bike is the part I’m the most worried about, so I’m really trying to work on it.

Monday – Rest day


2 hours on the bike, going through a very hilly area.  So hilly, in fact, that I ended up only going 25 miles (12.5 mph) compared to my usual 15-17 mph.  But my legs felt strong and I had a great time exploring a new route.  Pulling up the profile made me feel a lot better about my decrease in speed though…

I really liked that downhill!

Swim workout

  • Warmup: 4 x 75 with the last 25 in each doing backstroke
  • Main: 3 x 600 with the middle set going fairly hard
  • Cool down: 150 easy

The swim was good!  I went immediately after my bike was done and felt good in the water – albeit a little bored in that last 600.  I really wanted to cut it short, but my mantra lately has been “I’ll be more bored/hurt/tired than this when I’m out on the course, so I might as well get used to it now.”  Works every time.


A nice easy 4.5 mile run (10:00/mile pace) with one of my neighbors in the morning.  It was nice to get out and run with somebody!  It always makes the run go so much faster when you have somebody to chat with.


An hour and a half on the trainer at a good clip of 17.8 mph.  Wohoo!  I was enjoying my audiobook with the Olympics on mute in the background.


2 hours on the trainer at about 18 mph (my Powertap doesn’t seem to have recorded it).  I followed the bike with a nice hour long run on the treadmill.  My legs felt great and I had such a good run I almost didn’t want to stop (almost).


I started a two hour bike, but ended up only going for a half hour because I was so sore from being in the saddle so much this week.  I knew I had a long ride coming up, so I decided to rest and let my lady bits recover for a day or so before tackling that long ride.


Rest day.  This should have been my long ride day, but my mom is in town from Florida and she’s only up here for a few more days, so instead we had a nice day together and went to try out some stand up paddling.

Monday (today)

4 hour long bike ride at 14.4 mph.  I slowed a bit because the ride was very hilly and it was a bit windy (but beautiful out!) today.  I did five loops of the Saratoga Battlefield and had a nice time enjoying the scenery and the wildlife.  I had four different deer sightings – all about twenty feet from me, just grazing on the side of the road, and a whole family of turkeys.  I love riding there because it’s a one way road with barely any cars (I think I had a grand total of 10 passed by me in the entire 4 hours), pretty views, and some decent hills to present a challenge.  This was my view at one point…

I ended up doing 55 miles (the loop is 11 miles), and felt pretty good by the end!  When I returned to my car, I asked myself if I felt like I could run 13.1 miles at that point, and the answer was yes – so things are looking good for my half iron race I have coming up in two weeks.

There was one part of my ride that was the mile from hell though.  Mile 52…

1) A HUGE bug smacked into my arm at 20 mph and it HURT.  I didn’t see it coming and it scared the crap out of me.  I just heard a crunch/thwap and felt it hit me and almost fell off my bike.

2) Shortly after the bug incident – I tried to spit (as I do frequently when running/riding and had been doing the whole time), and it didn’t work so well.  I ended up spitting all over myself and trying to clean it off at 30 mph (down the fun and fast hill).  Oops.

3) Immediately after cleaning off my face, I hit the steepest uphill of the route.  I had squandered away my great downhill leading into it (cleaning off the spit), so it sucked even more than it already does normally.

4) Near the top of the hill, I missed running over a (little tiny) snake by about one inch.  I didn’t see it until I was right on top of it, and I just barely managed to swerve enough that I didn’t run it over.  I once again, almost fell off my bike because it surprised me so much.  I don’t mind snakes at all, as long as they don’t pop out of nowhere.

Then I got to the top of the hill, and things were better.  But wow that mile sucked.

One thing I noticed was that the last several miles of the loop felt like torture.  I pulled up the elevation profile when I got home and now it makes more sense!

Well that makes me feel better about hating the last couple miles.

So what’s ahead?

According to my training plan, this week is supposed to be a recovery/half iron race week, but I have a half iron scheduled for NEXT week, so I’m swapping.

  • Tuesday – Short bike (which I may swap with a run if my lady bits are sore – they probably will be) and long swim day
  • Wednesday – Bike (2 hour) Run (1 hour) brick – I’ve been doing a lot of these lately…
  • Thursday – Long run (2:10) and 6 x 400 easy swim workout
  • Friday – Another long swim
  • Saturday – Rest day!
  • Sunday – Long bike (4:20) followed by 30 minute recovery run

I’ll do the recovery/half iron race week after that.

I’ve been feeling really good lately.  I got the sugar out of my house and have cleaned up my food intake – lots of fruits, veggies, and couscous.  I’m also finally (FINALLY!) on vacation, so there’s one less thing to work my training around.  This vacation is short-lived though.  I have to start prepping for my fall class soon.  So I’m trying to enjoy every minute of it while I can.

On that back-to-school note – I finally started making a dent on updating my wardrobe.  Most of my clothes were leftover from grad school (which I finished in 2006 – ouch), and were pretty crappy.  No wonder everybody always thought I was one of my students.  I was so excited that, thanks to ironman training, everything I tried on was fitting!  Usually when I try to go clothes shopping, I come out miserable.  But this time it was fabulous.  THEN, when I came home I cleaned out a good chunk of my closet.  On a whim, I tried on my “power suit” (everybody needs one of those) that I got for interviews when I finished grad school, that I haven’t been able to fit into in years (besides the jacket).  THE WHOLE STINKING THING FIT.  I stood around in it and jumped up and down for a while – and then promptly put it back in the closet.

So hooray for training and eating healthily!

Now I want to go buy more clothes.  🙂