I did my first broken toe test ride tonight – about one hour on the trainer.  All appears to be okay.  There were a few moments of discomfort, but no pain.  So things are looking up.

I didn’t want to overdo it, so I just stuck with the hour on the trainer for tonight, followed up with lots of ice and elevation.  Tomorrow I hope to do a two hour ride and a swim.

I’m trying to track down all the little odds and ends I’ll need come race day – today I picked up some toe covers and a very light jacket (both highly recommended due to the wind in Wilmington).  I also stopped by my local bike shop for a long bike route recommendation.  Everything around here is crazy hilly, and now with the toe, I really don’t want to be straining to mash up any hills this weekend, especially since the B2B course is flat and the hill training is not super necessary.  So I think I have a good plan for this weekend.  We’ll see.

Things appear to be okay for now.  I really need to get my eating under control now that I can’t run until race day.  I’m still eating like I’m in full training mode and it’ll catch up with me quickly!