And I broke it.

My big toe, that is.


Monday night I dropped a 40 pound box directly onto my big toe.  I screamed and cried like a big baby for a good portion of an hour.  Yesterday (Tuesday) I went to the orthopedist to get it checked.  Normally I wouldn’t bother for a toe – there’s nothing they can do, you just tape it and move on.  But with this being my peak training week (long swim, 20 mile run, and century ride), and the ironman in three and a half weeks, I wasn’t about to mess around.

I did indeed break it.  I cracked the tip right off.  Blech.


My orthopedist thought I was being ridiculous when I said I had the ironman in less than four weeks, but I told him I was going to do it anyway, so what did he suggest?

So I’m not supposed to run at all until race day.  That’s fine, I’ll manage.  I’ve done enough marathons to know that I can suck it up come race day with my longest run to date being 17.5 miles.  And realistically, I probably will be mostly walking at that point in the day anyway.  I just hope I can walk fast enough to make the cutoff.  Limping is slow.

I can swim.  That shouldn’t be a problem.

My biggest concern is with the bike.  My longest ride to date has been 4 hours (61 miles).  Race day will be 112 miles.  I HAVE to get a long ride of at LEAST 80 miles in this weekend to feel comfortable.  I was told I can ride, as long as there’s no pain.

So when I got home from the doctor’s office, I gingerly put on my bike shoe to see how it felt.  It was a bit tight from the swelling (he gave me prescription anti-imflammatories, so that should help), but not painful.  I stood in the shoe, putting my weight on the cleat, as I would when pedaling.  Fortunately, I didn’t appear to be putting much weight on my toe, so I think I’ll be okay.

So the modified plan is now swim and bike as much as I can, and no running until race day.  Biking should keep my run fitness up enough to be okay.  So right now that’s going to be my big focus.

I just did this Monday afternoon/evening, so I haven’t tried anything yet.  I wanted to let the swelling go down some more so I took it easy yesterday.  But I think tonight I’ll put the bike on the trainer (not risking it outside just in case I need to bail) and do some easy spinning to feel things out.  And I’ll probably head over to the pool to get a decent swim in.

I’m terrified that on race day I’ll start out okay but will end up in some serious pain.  It’s not going to be anywhere near healed, and I know it’s going to hurt like hell.  But, as I said in between the screams of agony on Monday, if my friend can do IMLP with a broken collarbone, I can do B2B with a broken toe.  I just wish it wasn’t the big toe.  That’s like the boss of the foot!

Okay, time for more ice.