The good

I felt really great on this swim.  Granted, the tide made a world of difference, but even removing that from the equation, I felt excellent!  I never got bored, or tired, and I somehow managed to not think about sharks!

Another good thing was that I didn’t forget to pack or check anything.  I was very worried that I would end up standing in transition going “oh no…” and missing something important.  But fortunately that didn’t happen.  Hooray for obsessively checking everything over and over.

The bad

I could have done so much more on the run.  I know this.  But at that point, I was tired, and I knew I could make the cutoffs.  I didn’t want to run too much and then blow up on mile 18, or feel like complete shit at the end.  So I kind of mailed it in at the end.  In hindsight, I wish I had tried to run more.  I could have done so much better.

I feel like my overall training fits into this category.  I did alright, but I missed a lot – partially due to my own laziness, and partially due to other unrelated factors.  Just like I say after every big race, I really want to train well for the next one and see what I am really capable of.

The ugly

I need to change up my nutrition on the bike.  Holy crap I am so sick of chocolate Gu gels.  I never want to see one again.  Also, I need a better saddle.  Both of those things contributed to my three hours of misery.

On top of that, I really need to do a LOT of hill work or I am going to be one miserable person at Lake Placid.  This course wasn’t as flat as they say it is, but it’s pretty darn flat.  Even with that, the small rollers and false flats killed me.