Today I went up to Lake Placid for athlete check in.  It was the first day of Ironman events, and already the town is a madhouse.

After a bit of wandering around town, my friend and I managed to find the convention center.

check in

I checked in, filled out all my waivers, got weighed, got my wristband, got my swag, and got my timing chip.


Then it was time to wander down to the oval, where I picked up my sweet Ironman backpack they were giving out for swag this year.  After that, it was back to the car to haul butt home!  I’ve got 18 million things to do and no time to get it all done!

So I’m all checked in.  I’ll go back up Saturday and stay at a hotel I tracked down at the last second.  (Thank goodness for last minute cancelations.)

I have very mixed feelings about this race.  I’m nervous.  Not because I’m worried about the distance.  I’m just worried about the speed – or my lack of it.  I can do the distance, no problem.  But I’m slow on hills.  I know this.  It’s okay.  But I’m seriously worried I might not make the second bike cutoff, and then I’ll just feel like a giant ass.

I’m going into this race severely undertrained, and that is 100% my fault.  There have been a million things going on in my life over the past year.  I made the conscious decision to make other things priorities over training.  Did they need to be?  Some of them, yes.  But not all of them.  That’s a decision I made, and now I need to deal with the consequences of that decision.  So be it.  Tomorrow is always a new day, and I’ll be training for the next race season before I know it.

So I’m going up Saturday, and I’ll see what happens on race day.  If I make it through the bike fast enough to make the cutoff, I’ll be thrilled.  I have three goals for Sunday:

  1. Have fun (always my #1 race goal – I’m not competitive, so I might as well have fun)
  2. Make the second bike cutoff
  3. Finish (under 17 hours)

So that’s all for me before the race.  Catch you on the flip side!