So today was IM Kona.  I spent the majority of the day with the live feed on in the background.  What a great race!  It was also an excellent time to put the bike on the trainer and pedal away to Rinny’s amazing run!


I did somewhere around an hour – forgot to start my watch, so I don’t know exactly.  But my legs felt good and my new saddle seems comfortable.  I got a Cobb V Flow Max right before IMLP, but contained my desire to switch to that for race day.  Seems good so far!  After the bike, it was time for some decent stretching.  Holy crap!  I have lost a LOT of flexibility.  Must be better about stretching…

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get out for a decent run and see how my legs feel on the road.  For now, it’s time to watch the last bit of Kona.