So on Sunday, I got out for a run.  It was my first one in quite a while – except for two short ones with the dogs, which don’t really count.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel.

I felt awesome!

Well, not totally awesome.  I was definitely huffing and puffing, but that was because I was pushing myself.  My comfortable pace is around 10:00/mile.  I was all fired up from watching Kona (still am), and I really want to get faster for IM Boulder (August 3, 2014!).  So I need to start pushing my pace on the bike and run.  I have some lofty time goals that I won’t say yet.  Let’s just say, it would be a big improvement from my 15:33 and 16:0X.

So I got out for a run, and tried not to look at my garmin.  Instead, I just ran a pace that felt fast but sustainable.  My first two miles were at a 9:15/mile pace.  Then I ended up over at the Valmont Bike Park, where a big cyclocross race was going on.  I actually had a friend from school who was racing, so I hung out there for a while and watched.  It was awesome!!!  I already wanted to try cross before Sunday.  Now I REALLY want to!  I need a cross bike first though…  Stinking N+1…

Then I turned around and headed home.  At that point, I decided to bust my butt, and did some HIIT sprints.  I ended up doing 3.5 miles total, at a 8:50/mile pace.  Woot!

Granted, there was a decent break in there where I was at Valmont, but it’s still a massive improvement from my 10 minute miles.  I just need to keep at it and not let myself get back into that comfortable zone.  I’ve run there long enough.