This weekend was Ironman Boulder!  Before getting into race details, I have to say, I think they did a spectacular job organizing and implementing this race.  It was an inaugural event, which can be a bit messy sometimes, but this seemed to run like a well-oiled machine.  Dave (the race director) and crew did a fabulous job.  Can’t wait until next year.

On to the race…

See the weekday pre-race events here.

Gear bag packing list here.


Saturday morning, I loaded up the car and headed over to the Res to drop off my bike and bike gear.  There was a decent line of cars at the gate, but it didn’t take too long to get through.  I rolled my bike down to T1 and found my spot on the rack.

bike check in

After letting some air out of the tires, making sure Roo was in an easy gear, and giving everything one last check, I headed over to the gear bag drop.

bike gear drop

It was a gorgeous day at the Res.  The swim buoys were all set up and ready to go.  It always looks so far!

the res

After getting my bike stuff situated at the Res, I got back in the car and headed downtown to drop off my run gear at the high school.  Parking actually wasn’t a problem, which was a pleasant surprise.  I actually didn’t have a problem with parking at all the entire weekend – I was shocked!

run gear drop 2

After getting all the gear situated, it was time to head home and relax for the rest of the day.  Before heading to bed, I put on my race numbers (I got tritats for once – love those!), and in doing so, discovered that I suck at temporary tattoos.  I set four different alarms for the morning, and headed to bed early(ish).

Race morning arrived at 3am.  Uugh.

I popped out of bed (no lingering on race day!), sunscreened and bodyglided, got dressed, made some breakfast, and was out the door with my cooler full of bike and run nutrition, bike pump, and special needs bags by 3:45 am.

I picked up a fellow tri clubber who lives around the corner from me, and we were downtown and parked by 4am.  Not bad!

People were already swarming around the high school.  We dropped off our special needs bags, put our run nutrition in our T2 bags, and then got on the shuttle (there was a long line, but it moved super fast), and were on our way to the Res.  I think it was only about 4:30 or 4:45 am at this point.  We were efficient.

It was still dark when we got to the Res.  There were a couple food trucks parked both here and back at the high school – brilliant idea on their part.  If I had been spectating, I would have been all over that.

I made my way through the crowd and into T1, popped on my headphones (I had to leave my friends at the gate to the transition area, so it was music time now), and wandered over to my bike.  Tires were pumped up, nutrition and garmin went on the bike, and everything got one last check.

After setting up the bike, I found my support crew and we headed down to the water to stake out a spot for them.  It was about 5:30 am at this point, and juuuuuuuust starting to get light out.  Still too early to put on the wetsuit, but everything else was done – nothing to do now but wait.

While waiting, I hit up a port-a-potty (No line!  Score!), and then found my awesome friend Molly, who was doing her first IM that day and was super nervous.  At about 6 am, I put on my shortie wetsuit (shorts and short sleeves) since the water was 74 degrees.  That’s a smidge too warm for me to wear my full suit, but not so hot that I don’t want to wear anything.  The shortie suit is a good intermediate step.

It was time to head over to the corrals.

We (me and Molly) seeded ourselves at the very back of the 1:16-1:30 corral.  This was my biggest problem at Lake Placid last year.  I hadn’t done a rolling swim start before, and had seeded myself with the 1:20 swimmers (I was expecting to swim 1:24).  Mistake.  This time, I tried to be as accurate as possible.  Better to have to swim around a few people here and there, rather than being beat up the whole way.

swim corralsReady to go!

The gun sounded, and the pros were off.  We were up next.

To be continued…